PETRODIN ENERGIES has recently been incorporated 2023 in Namibia and is a continuation of a wealth of diverse proven track records since 1990 when the affiliated Petrodin Energia HÍbrida was established in Brazil. We undertake the challenges that the reduction and ultimately the elimination of harmful vessel emissions is demanding. 

PETRODIN ENERGIES is active in environmental preservation and improvements, in this process the identification of practical and proactive solutions to reduce the environmental impacts in the development of new concepts and sustainable vessels. We are engaged in the development of marine energy storage systems related to the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery concept.

PETRODIN ENERGIES is actively pursuing offshore drilling opportunities in Namibia and West/Southwest Africa, in medium water depths beyond the capabilities of jack-up rigs to fill the gap between these rigs and deep water DP drilling rigs.

PETRODIN ENERGIES has a concept for first oil and gas, extended well test with a continuation to early production to evaluate a reservoir and plan for production in a phased manner.

PETRODIN ENERGIES has a barge concept for the loading and transport of offshore produced compressed natural gas, when the distance is short from the reservoir to port facilities to deliver natural gas to consumers, and when a pipeline is not present and the liquefaction of gas with regasification is not financially viable. 



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