PETRODIN ENERGIA HÍBRIDA has been active offshore since 1990, with a wealth of diverse proven experience to undertake the challenges that the reduction and ultimately the elimination of harmful vessel emissions is demanding.

PETRODIN ENERGIA HÍBRIDA is active in environmental preservation and improvements, in this process the identification of practical and proactive solutions to reduce the environmental impacts in the development of new concepts and sustainable vessels. We are engaged in the development of marine energy storage systems related to the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery concept.

PETRODIN ENERGIA HÍBRIDA   has vast experience in the contract management with PETROBRAS, our team is committed to attend and execute the contracted services according to the specifications of contractual and legal requirements of our clients, navigating with knowledge around all the peculiarities and potential risks in this undertaking. We are strict as to the confidentiality of all information obtained in the execution of the contractual requirements.

PETRODIN ENERGIA HÍBRIDA   has a history of services related to Drilling Rigs, FPSO, Accommodation Support Vessels, Subsea Construction Vessels, including newbuild, conversions and vessel repairs.

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