Petrodin have the Health, Safety and Environment system certified in compliance with the requirements of the standards:


PETRODIN HYBRID OFFSHORE┬┤s Principles and Values are based on conducting with transparency our activities and business, sustainable and consistent manner focused on meeting the contractual requirements, legal requirements, other national and international requirements applicable to its activities and a corporate culture focused on the spirit serve to symbolize values, behavior and beliefs.


  • Confidence in people and their capacity and desire to evolve;
  • Ethical, integral and transparent conduct;
  • Self-development of people, especially in the qualification by and for the work, resulting the company development;
  • Decentralized performance based on full and planned delegation for the employees to act, with freedom and responsibility, in their business tasks;
  • Productive and relevant innovation for the common good;
  • Merit recognition;
  • Leadership by example;
  • Customer satisfaction.


  • Transparency;
  • Discipline;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Innovation;
  • Safety of people above all;
  • Excellence with simplicity;
  • Integrity with all audiences