Petrodin Hybrid Offshore, in partnership with national and international shipyards, has developed new concepts of sustainable vessels, combining quality, environment reduction impacts, costs reduction and high return to the owner.

Advanced Engineering and Design for offshore, Exploration and Production Services.

With an established background in commercial (contracts) and marine vessels, Petrodin Hybrid Offshore offers innovative design and consulting services for an international/national customer base. Our overall objective is to provide superior service by exceeding customer expectations, considering environmental responsibility.

Petrodin Hybrid Offshore anticipates an ever growing need within the oil and gas market, to operational costs and increase personnel safety:

  • Vessels hull optimization: recycling to decrease pollution, optimize resources, reduce costs.
  • Higher operability in adverse environmental conditions, less motion, with the new era of stabilization; It requires retractable stabilizers , compact, better roll reduction, increased comfort.


The stabilizer considered in our new concept of vessels can significantly increase the operational availability of these vessels, maximize working revenue, improve scheduling certainty and increase crew endurance, performance and comfort. Client terms will experience significantly increased comfort.

Integration into ship structure designed in cooperation with manufacturers and the marine team. The control system’s operation is fully adaptive to the ship speed, sea state, roll motion behavior of the vessel and DP positioning.

The stabilizers (non-retractable, retractable and/or gyrostabilizers) dramatically improve comfort in navigation, in DP or anchored mode, in adverse sea-state/ or wave swell. The sensors detects vessel motions and instantly adjusts to counteract roll.

  • Increase operating time 
  • Enhance onboard safety 
  • Minimize sea sickness